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The times are changing and so are the things…

In order to improve our service quality, from now on we’ll have a new contact person and assistant for our website, which is me… it’s creator – Sergey Bayukanskiy.  8-)

I am really excited to dive into this endless opportunity of networking and staying up to the current, as I have recently retired from my job as a web judge / auditor, and decided to dedicate my self to Laminine at full time – Congratulations!

How would that affect our service? I’m strongly hoping that this transition is for better, for the clients will have direct communication with me, as well as technical assistance, and final answers on any current promos. I also live very close to our main office in Ortigas, so I should be able to process the transactions quicker than ever.

Oh yes, and all that not without a bunch of new promos, including a completely free of charge LBC Express Delivery, which has been very convenient for our customers throughout the country.

Another reason that I am excited to do this, is because the interest in Laminine has never been on downs since last year, and I often hear people people keep on talking about it and literally sweeping the product from the office, while my network is also adding in numbers.

Note for members:

  • For these who attained our promos early, they are still effective.
  • If you have any concerns or if you’d like to change your contact details for your listings, just send me a quick email.

Best regards,

Sergey Bayukanskiy

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  1. nhico endaya |

    hi… do you have any distributor here in tarlac city, philippines? and im interested to buy a laminine product but im not registered, im very intersted to buy laminine. the reason why i want to buy is because my wife has a brain tumor. the case is anplastic oligodendroglioma, do you have a case like that and we have testimonial cure in this case. my contact number is 099958024** smart 092782304** globe..
    thank you very much and god bless you all to all members of laminine..

  2. Serah Gitau |

    hi?do u have a distributor in Kenya?and again i want to register am i Greece meanwhile

  3. Shally |

    Hi, do you have a distributor here in Dubai? Please let me know urgently. Thanks.