Benefits, according to clinical trials:

  • Moderate the stress response
  • Enhance muscle tone & strenth
  • Maintain healthy cortisol levels
  • Improve stamina, energy & vitality
  • Regulate serotonin levels
  • Increase alertness
  • Reduce physical & mental stress
  • Aid in brain function & activity
  • Promote more restful sleep
  • Increase physical & mental strenth
  • Build collagen for healthier skin
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce signs of normal aging
  • Increase libido
  • Improve emotional balance
  • Stimulate natural DHEA production
  • Enjoy faster post-workout recovery
  • Improve the overall sense of well being

Below you will see more explanation on benefits and how does it work. You can see clinical studies here.

Sports and Nutrition

OPT9 and creatine reinforce each other (there is no added creatine in the Laminine product). The net result of using this combination is improved performance, decreased fatigue, and a reduced risk of energy depletion in the muscles.

In 1996, a double‐blind trial on the use of PESE conducted at the University of Colorado showed that the group using it experienced a strength increase that was nearly double that of the group using creatine alone. PESE and creatine together were found to outperform creatine and other food supplements in the areas of endurance, training, motivation, and subjective health and well‐being, and it has the enthusiastic endorsement of many top athletes. They report recovering faster after training. This is linked to a substantial reduction in lactic acid production, which also contributes to increased stamina.But what does creatine have to do with OPT9? It appears that creatine and the egg protein fractions that are found in OPT9 reinforce each other, resulting in a prominent increase in effectiveness. This means that bodybuilders and athletes experience greatly enhanced benefits when adding Laminine to their regimen. No wonder the product has the enthusiastic endorsement of so many professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Whether it is a physical or mental challenge you face or just the need to handle everyday demands, Laminine may help.

Benefits may include:

  1. A delay in lactic acid production
  2. The ability to tolerate longer training sessions.
  3. Improved Stamina
  4. Maximum Muscular Strength
  5. Faster Recovery after training sessions
  6. Quicker recovery from physical exertion
  7. Better muscle tone
  8. Increased muscle strength

Memory Enhancement

The most pronounced effect of artificial sweeteners and MSG in the body is to interfere with this synergistic performance. The manufacturer therefore decided to address this issue when they formulated Laminine.

Memory function is controlled by a well‐balanced joint effect of Glutamate and Glycine. Both these amino acids act synergistically together to play a critical role in the ability of two neurons to connect, an important cellular mechanism for learning and memory to take place.  PESE is low in these amino acids. Therefore, Laminine enhances these levels in OPT9 by the addition of an isolated vegetable protein (from the yellow pea) to provide extra glutamic acid and with marine protein extract (from purified shark cartilage) to provide extra Glycine.  PESE is used to provide additional FGF in the aid of memory.  FGF is known to build neurites, the bridges between the neurons and which act as the receptors and transmitters of signals.  Research shows FGF also inhibits and eliminates mutant protein genes, in this case, quite possibly blocking the genes responsible for memory loss.

In 1962, it was discovered that that neurologic stem cells reside in certain parts of the brain, often where damage or dysfunction is present. It is also scientifically proven that Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) feeds and nurtures these stem cells to facilitate the healing of this damage, dysfunction, and scarred tissue. Lately, compelling arguments have been made to inject FGF directly to treat or cure Huntington’s disease, Schizophrenia, OCD and Autism.

The synergistic effect of building the neurites, nurturing the stem cells, having the most relevant amino acids and factors to guide where the amino acids go, makes Laminine perform extremely well in memory enhancement.

Another very effective combination in Laminine is the combination of the two ingredients Leucine and Isoleucine. This combination in increased by combining the PESE and the vegetable protein extract. Leucine and Isoleucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of many essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized to stimulate the upper brain and help you to be more alert and focused.

It’s no wonder there have been reports of many positive effects of Laminine with people suffering from Alzheimer’s syndrome, ADD, and a general increased memory and mental focus in our busy lives.

Mood enhancement and depression

Depression is caused by many internal as well as external factors, including stress.  In the brain, the serotonin uptake and release mechanism is affected.  Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter which has been called the “happy chemical”, as it is associated with feelings of contentment, well‐being and happiness.  Serotonin also supports cognitive functions, including memory and learning.  The SSRI (Selective Serotonin re‐Uptake Inhibitor) market is an $18 billion dollar per year market providing prescription drugs which have demonstrated the ability to increase serotonin levels within the nerve synapses, thereby causing mood improvement and alleviation of depression.  But these benefits do not come not without significant expense and some notable side effects.  Conversely, Laminine is an all natural product that contains the amino acid Lysine; derived from PESE and natural vegetable proteins. The combination of these two components delivers a higher level of Lysine in the OPT9 than either ingredient would by itself (this is called synergism). Lysine is known to regulate serotonin levels in the brain.

Some 20 million people worldwide experience depression serious enough to warrant being placed on prescription medication (usually an SSRI).  Many, an estimated 16 to 30 percent, who take such drugs experience sexual dysfunction as a side effect.  Some medical experts believe the true number of people experiencing this side effect may be as high as 78 percent due to the fact that the condition often goes

unreported by patients. Clinical studies have shown that Laminine may be beneficial in enhancing libido among those taking antidepressants.

Many people taking Laminine report a pronounced improvement in their mood and an increased ability to manage stress on a daily basis. A greater overall engage with others and desire to accomplish things.

Cardiovascular health and libido enhancement

The PESE and Vegetable proteins provide a very potent dose of Arginine. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and plays a vital role in a variety of biological processes. The inner lining of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to relax, thus resulting in increased blood flow. Effects include modulation of the hair cycle, and increased libido. Nitric oxide is also known for growth hormone formation, increasing defense of the internal organs against effects of aging.

Toxins removal from the body

PESE contains Cysteine, which is a precursor to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, receiving much attention today for healthier looking skin. Antioxidants fight free radicals, (free radicals are harmful compounds in the body that damage cell membranes and DNA). Free radicals occur naturally in the body (during the normal energy‐producing metabolic processes within our cells),  but environmental toxins (including ultraviolet light, radiation, cigarette smoking, and air pollution) can increase the number of these damaging particles. Free radicals are believed to play a role in aging as well as the development of a number of health problems, including heart disease and cancer.

NAC (N‐Acetyl‐Cysteine) is a powerful anti‐oxidant and can help prevent side effects caused by drug reactions and toxic chemicals, and helps to alleviate and break down mucus in the body.  NAC appears to have benefits in treating some respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and COPD. This is very crucial for the body’s life functions, as NAC helps the body neutralize toxins, heavy metals, such as mercury from dental amalgam fillings, cadmium and lead from paint, and cigarette smoke. The Sulfhydryl balance has also been linked to enhance resistance to viral infections. NAC is one of the most effective oral chelating agents.

Taken regularly over a period of time, NAC will remove many toxic heavy metals from the body. NAC has been shown to be a protective agent in many diseases and conditions in which free radicals play a role. This includes cancer, AIDS, cirrhosis, as well as pollution damage from smoking or other chemicals.The added potent dose of Glycine, from a natural marine protein source, further enhances the anti‐aging effect of glutathione in the body.  Glycine from the marine protein also builds collagen, making the skin look healthier and less wrinkled.

Skin, Hair & Health

The manufacturer has added an additional component to OPT9 in Laminine. The added potent dose of Glycine, from marine protein, further enhances the anti aging effect of glutathione in the body. Glycine from the marine protein also builds collagen, making the skin look healthier and less wrinkled.

Hair is composed from protein. L‐Cysteine is an amino acid that is known to promote hair growth.

It improves hair quality and texture, and it is known to double the length of hair. L‐Cysteine also prevents hair from falling out, and it has a detoxifying effect in the body. The PESE and Vegetable proteins also provide a very potent dose of Arginine. Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and these effect the modulation of the hair cycle.

The lecithin connection and controlling cholesterol

Years ago, pioneering nutritionist Adelle Davis recognized the error in the assumption that eating cholesterol‐rich foods causes a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries and leads to heart disease. She taught that a ‘cousin of the fat family’, lecithin, plays a vital role in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Lecithin, found in the human body (and concentrated in the brain), is a fat emulsifier that breaks down cholesterol, preventing its buildup in the body, Lecithin is also found in eggs. While they may provide cholesterol, they also provide the lecithin needed to break cholesterol down.

Fatigue & Energy

Laminine combines the two ingredients Leucine and Isoleucine (known as branched chain amino acids) from the PESE with an added dose from the vegetable protein extract. Leucine and Isoleucine provide ingredients for the manufacturing of other essential biochemical components in the body, some of which are utilized for the production of energy, stimulants to the upper brain and helping you to be more alert.

Many people today are mildly fatigued, and others are seriously energy deficient.  Fatigue is a symptom that accompanies most illnesses, both acute and chronic: it is often an early warning sign that serious health problems are in the process of developing. Persistent, extreme fatigue may be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that chronic fatigue syndrome affects between 100,000 and 250,000 people in the United States, but many researchers believe that the disorder is much more prevalent than that. What is certain is that there are many tired people everywhere struggling to get through each day.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you could probably use more energy, who wouldn’t want to feel more energetic, in order to better face the challenges, both physical and mental, in life.

Those whose work demands mental concentration are being sapped of energy just like those who have physically demanding jobs. Whether the task at hand is a tennis match or a chess tournament, increased energy and stamina can lead to a better outcome.

Stress management & improved sleep

Use of Laminine promotes a feeling of relaxation effect that may be to some degree attributed to the dramatic decrease in levels of the stress hormone cortisol produced after Laminine’s ingestion.

As indicated, Laminine reduces stress‐hormone levels dramatically in the body.

When cortisol levels decline, we feel more relaxed.  Studies show that virtually everyone who uses Laminine experiences a greater sense of relaxation and with it, many extra benefits, such as improved sleep.

Elevated levels of stress hormones not only make us feel on edge, but also predispose us to a number of stress‐related diseases, which include serious conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, eczema, and autoimmune disorders. By managing stress‐hormone levels, we may be helping to prevent or manage these disorders.

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