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Buy the products and get on the board!

If you like the idea of retailing our products…

All you need to qualify is to purchase from us a total of 40 laminine boxes within 6 months, so we could rely on you to always have stocks. This is only an initial purchase, so by completing it you are qualified for a lifetime! After the first installment (of 10 boxes) you will immediately get listed on our contacts page, so the clients can call or contact you directly.


  • Please contact us and tell us that you saw this promo.
  • Purchase at least 10 laminine boxes from us at DISCOUNTED PRICE.
  • Only 1 contact person will be allowed for each city in Philippines.
  • For overseas countries a contact person may represent one region or a whole country, depending to demand, population and availability.
  • Only the first who orders this promo package for a particular city reserves his right to be listed.
  • In cases of fraud, or severe  unavailability we reserve the right to suspend the listing.
  • Not applicable to Metro Manila region.


  • You will enjoy our promotion, getting all the referrals for customers in your place!!!
  • Lifetime wholesale discounts – up to %60 discount or retail profit on laminine!!
  • Exposed and customized listings on our “contacts” page, that may include but not limited to: place, name, phones, address, skype, facebook, and a small photo if the space allows.
  • Most of the laminine customers prefer to buy from local suppliers, and you will become our recommended person. Anyone from around your city, will be automatically referred to you.. Isn’t it awesome?

F. A. Q.

  • Is some particular city taken already?
    - Go to “contacts” and look for the list of distributors. If it’s not listed – it means the city is available.
  • What are the payment and shipping methods?
    - The payment methods are bank deposit and cash. The shipping is done through LBC.
  • Does this promo also come with free shipping?
    - No, the shipping or even meet up will cost 300 for every 10 boxes. No exceptions.
  • I am from a particular province. How can I be assured that you will actually ship the products after I make a payment?
    - Since I’m the main distributor, you will only deposit to my bank acct. The LBC will also provide tracking for your package, so it’s safe. We can also do a meet up in the area of Manila.
  • What happens if I don’t complete 40 boxes within the allowed time?
    - Your listing will be removed, and eventually replaced with another person.
  • How much?
    - Please text for the latest quotation on this promo.

Don’t want to be a competitor? Be a partner, get yourself listed, now!

Note Cebu, Davao, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro – none of them are yet taken, so hurry up!
Be our the first and only contact person for your city!

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  1. Dante alpos |

    How about ormoc city Leyte . Meron na bang distributor?please reply Im enterested.

  2. Louie Cena |

    I read some of info to your site and I found it interesting. I am interested on business related to health and I am thinking if this laminine is the right for me.

  3. admin |

    The promo has been updated –

    cebu and davao are now available!!!
    all cities except Tuguegarao are currently available
    for anyone interested please call or text asap, thx

  4. junayd |

    im interested. Is ozamis city and, oroquieta city (misamis occidental) already taken?
    how much is required to become the official contact person in misamis occidental?

    • admin |

      You can place your order online or send the money through bank deposit or lbc remit. The shipping to cagayan de oro would take 2 days and it’s free. Feel free to send us a text and learn more about the procedure.

  5. Donna Jean L. Abalos |

    hi! just want to ask if there’s an existing distributor here in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya?thanks and God bless…

  6. Rose |

    Im from Davao working in Sauidi Arabia,I want to be distributor in Davao with my mother and some product to be sent here for me, could it still be possible? since i saw there is distributor already in Davao. My husband had stroke here and on recovering phase, i want to try this on him and some friends here.

    • admin |

      Opo, you could contact ether me or our Davao distributor and inquire more about the shipping cost depending to quantity and destination.

  7. ramil |

    Sir, sa Meycauayan Bulacan taken na po ba? di ko na po ma access IBO number ko kasi mahigit 1 year na po any suggestion or help. tnks

  8. maggie |

    interested po ako dito… Ang pagadian city ba available pa?
    andito po ako sa korea.. halimbawa gusto ko maging distributor sa pagadian ano po ang mga procedures? magkano po lahat ang magastos ko? can you give me a breakdown? thanks!

  9. melanie aggari |

    how about san jose del monte bulacan?
    napanood ko kc ito sa be alive and i liked it at gusto ko rin sana i try sa mga may karamdaman dito although hindi talaga ito gamot but no problem in trying diba?i have heard the testimony about it so i say why not try…how can i avail laminine and how many is the small purchase.kasi kung malaki baka hindi ko makaya ang payment…i would love to be the first person to introduce it dito sa amin and i can feel that it would work…pano ang shipment nito and the shipment cost also.kahit ba hindi ako mag member pede din ba ako mag orders anytime that someone look it on me?tnx and more power

    • admin |

      Subukan nyo lang po sa pinakamambabang membership package namin – includes sya ng 3 boxes. Ang shipment nito, pag LBC ay depende 250 o 180 peso, puwede rin namin gawing JRS express – libre lang, kaso walang tracking doon.

  10. Dennis P. Mariano |

    just wanna ask if someone is already distributing anywhere in Bulacan? or Balagtas, Bulacan…
    can you please email me the procedure how to be a distributor in my area..


    • admin |

      wala pa… you can be our distributor there, just call our contact person: Marilyn Brusas and she will assist with the application

      • Fe Liwanag |

        Is it possible for a beginner to buy your promo and start a business without any downline yet? and how? Is Cainta Rizal taken already?

        • admin |

          Yes, this promo is available for the beginners as well as for old members who accumulate 4 family packs in total order, purchased directly by them. Cainta is not yet taken, so you can still have it :-)

  11. Brigitte Mueller |

    Does anyone in South Africa already distribute Laminine? I would be interested.
    I’ve just gotten the first 3 boxes via my son in USA and will start today.

    • Clementine |

      Hi i am represetative in Africa,contact me,if you need information on Laminine. I will be in Botswana end of August to have meeetings with local people about Laminine.
      I am looking for distributors in Botswana,South Africa,Zimbabwe,Nigeria,Ghana and many more countries and in Europe.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  12. domy r. rojas |

    can i be a distributor or sales agent in davao city also knowing that there is already a designated sales person??

    • admin |

      Well, it is still possible but we would need the approval of that person. Just try to call Marilyn and inquire about it, and she might be able to help you.

    • admin |

      We have only an unofficial distributor there, so you could still be officially listed for Naga City if with our promo.

      • pia |

        may i know where can we contact your distributor? I want to try it first… thanks!

  13. veronica |

    just wanna ask if someone is already distributing anywhere in batangas? tnx

  14. meljed tan |

    if ever i joined….i really want my contact info to be on ur blog or website maybe…but davao city is taken…but davao city is very big.. is it possible for you to put a male contact..just like me? im not forcing you or anything…its just a suggestion.

    • admin |

      Well, we would require her permission, but we’ll help to negotiate about it, if you’re interested. I’ll send you an email with more information.

      • meljed tan |

        please do send me….my skype name fb is [moderated]…my gmail is [moderated]….im interested on premium placement…which you prmise to give me more than 14 downlines right? and im a good seller and networker too….if that is the case i can invest if you really are placing me to an active distributor that can spill me at least 14 downlines per month? or per 2 months? i also have attended advance training programs,special trainings like team building,rex training,leadership training, marketing trainings, etc,, i am very tempted with your nice!!

        • admin |

          Thanks, we really need enthusiastic people like you :) I’ve sent you an email again, but you’ll have to call Marilyn in the end. We can’t say that you’ll have them all in one month or two. But you’ll definitely get some strong peoples with us.

  15. melissa e. ronquillo |

    Hello Ma’am,
    I’m interested in laminine. Is Bocaue, Bulacan already taken?

    • admin |

      Greetings, it’s still available, so you could become our official contact in your place, if you avail our promo.

      • Melissa E. Ronquillo |

        Hello Ma’am, I would like to confer this to my husband first when he comes home in Aug. This is quite a huge sum, so I would like for both of us to attend the seminar first. Thank you and God bless!

  16. Ricardo C. Martin |

    i want to attend the seminar first….and want to take the business opportunity… how muct is per box?

  17. emma pioquinto |

    just want to ask if somebody already is distributing in kidapawan city?

  18. Fernando P. Lausa |

    Just want to ask if there’s somebody who is now distributing here in Baguio City?

    • admin |

      We have many clients in Baguio, but none applied for the promo yet. You could still grab it for Baguio, so the next customer would go to you. :)