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What factors determine the best MLM company?

First of all, before choosing to join one or another network, you should consider a lot of factors to make a good decision. Unlike affiliate programs, where one can get paid referring new clients without much involvement, the MLM business model assumes an investment for membership fees and the maintenance. Thus, many companies while promoting a customer wellness and satisfaction, are in fact hunting to sell you their packages, regardless of your needs and the abilities to promote it further. Some people would always get lucky, but as these companies are growing like a grass in the Philippines, you shouldn’t depend on luck and consider the following 4 factors:

1. Popularity

Popularity is an important factor in the MLM, though often overrated. A network becomes popular while having a lot of members to promote it, and a typical wanderer would assume: the more members are in, the better must be the condition, as the people choose it among many. Now why is this assumption not necessarily true? Because not everyone actually tries to volunteer for every network available and compare the results. Most of the people join through the friends, or advertisement in the media into some network, and they feel attached and compelled to stay by their recruiters, instead of experimenting with other networks, and in some companies they are being forced to stay by the policies.


Here in Philippines the networkers usually lean for word of mouth awareness and opinions. You could ask your friends whether they have about some particular network, assuming they pay some attention to this subject, but as it is the 2013 year right now – there are better ways to do it.

’Alexa provides the traffic data for most of the known websites. If you enter into the search the site of your company, it will show the alexa rank. The lower the rank, the more traffic it receives and thus can be a good indicator of the entire company’s popularity. A very popular, worldwide MLM company could have a rank about 20 000, (e.g. Forever Living), while some other local Philippine networks could have about 2 000 000, (e.g. Dla Naturals). If it has alexa of more than 10 000 000, I would strongly recommend to avoid it, as it has a very few people and could be quite risky. Note, while comparing you’ll need to consider whether the company is localized or worldwide, for obviously the traffic rank will greatly vary. The disadvantage of this method is it may not always reflect the popularity specific to your country, as what is popular in US can be unknown in the Philippines.

Here are some global ranks for the top international MLM companies, also operating in Philippines (as of March 2013):

Alexa Global Traffic Ranks
3,631 Avon
9,324 Amway
15,644 Nu Skin
16,389 Forever Living
29,011 Herbalife
35,226 4 Life
93,287 Laminine
155,419 AIM Global
173,284 DXN
190,098 Reliv

How to use this data? Having a traffic rank below 200,000 is a great achievement for the company, meaning they have an established business which is unlikely to close or collapse, as there are probably millions of people supporting it. However, a popular company does not necessarily offers a better opportunity.


The advantage of the top popularity networks, is that they are more supportive and can supply a lot of business materials. When you research the popular companies, you could easily find the details on their business opportunity, products, as well as reviews and testimonies. This not only helps you to understand and communicate its advantages to your clients, but would also raise your credibility in their eyes. Many consumers are internet-savvy and would make their decisions based on the information they can find from the open sources. Another advantage is the support, the popular companies tend to have more comfortable offices with a lot of branches, and personnel to assist the distributors and conduct the seminars.


The bottom line of the popularity is a competition, so the more people are active in the network – the more difficult it is to leverage it, as there are other independent distributors who become your competitors! Take for example the Avon, there are just too many distributors, and in order to stay in the business, they have to chase their clients with friendly offers, such as selling their products on credit and accepting the pay in installments,  providing the free of charge deliveries, giving away the brochures, etc. That’s why I would not recommend chasing the most popular networks.

2. The Momentum

While the popularity signifies the current standing of the company, it is even more important to analyze the current trends, to see whether it is still fresh and has the momentum to increase, or if it has already had its popularity and is now at its decline. Every MLM company has it’s period of rising and downfall, and thus it is important to join in the right moment.


The best data regarding the trends comes from Google, the most popular search engine. This service allows to compare the search volumes for specific terms (in our case the names of the companies) and shows how they change over time. Unlike traffic ranks, it does not give you any exact numbers, but allows to compare up to 5 different entries among each other. The huge advantage here is that you can also choose to show the country-specific data, which in our case is Philippines.


*The above graphs show the Philippine MLM trends since June 2006 to this January 2013, you can click the graph for more details.


The above data suggests that for most of these companies, the popularity almost does not change over time. What this mean is that they are already saturated, and have reached their maximum capacity, so while some new people are joining, the others are getting frustrated and leave the network. As such, it is unlikely that they’ll get a significant increase in the future, and are thus void of momentum. To promote such a company, you would need to be ready for hard work, and should not expect easy leads.

DXN, Forever Living and Nuskin show a decline in ratings over recent years, and would be a bad choice for these seeking the best mlm companies. The decline in trends means that the people are simply getting fed off with it or turn to competitors. On the other hand, Laminine shows a really huge increase, while also being the most fresh of them, and the graph looks somewhat impressive.


In addition to trends, the freshness is the second component in determining the possibility for momentum. Basically the more fresh a company, the better it is for their distributors. Not only because joining ahead of others can result in a lot of downlines being assigned under you, there is another simple thing that is always working, which called curiosity. People simply want to try new networking companies and their products, provided they have decent conditions and a demand for their products (we shall discuss these factors later in details). On the other hand, the networks quickly stale over time, and look impressive no longer.

The people who make gain in the initial period serve as a good model for new distributors, and can further stimulate the growth, and yet it finally gets saturated, and works no longer. As the time passes, more and more people would be attaining membership,  thus making it difficult to find and recruit new members. It often happens with the old companies, when you try to recruit someone, they would answer that they’re members already, or have a member in their family, and are not interested to continue. It is difficult to promote an older network, when you hear your friends have already abandoned it, thus greatly reducing your reach.


We have already concluded that the freshness is very important for multilevel networking. And yet, there is always a risk when dealing with fresh companies, as they could turn out to be unprofitable or manipulative, and could close for one or another reason. It is generally true, but there appears to be an exception to this rule, such as when an established company makes an overseas expansion. In that case, the company already has a lot of credibility, so there ain’t much risk. At the same time, you could become a pioneer and make some solid gain for getting ahead others.

Getting back to our graphs, one could easily spot the cases of overseas expansion, which are 4life, Reliv and Laminine respectively. They all came from US and are fairly recent in Philippines. Yet again, the Laminine has the best momentum, and it definitely worth some analysis.

3. The Demand

Having said about popularity, the demand is another crucial factor that determines the success of an MLM company. The first thing you should consider is the competitiveness of the product, as a lot of competition would make it very difficult to persuade the consumer. Here are some checkpoints to help assessing it:

Bad Good
  • Are there any similar products in the market?
  • Is this type of product could be bought anywhere over-the-counter?
  • Is there any cheaper alternative for consumer?
  • Is this product unique, and based on innovation?
  • Is it beneficial for a larger market of consumers?
  • Is this particular brand well known and promoted?
  • Are the customers satisfied with this particular product?


A. Avon specializes in cosmetics, and there are lots of similar products in the market, available both through mlm and over-the-counter at a much cheaper price. There is no innovation, as the industry has been already explored decades ago. The target market is mainly mid-age women, and though not useful to everyone there are still a lot of consumers. The brand is well known, yet as per satisfaction there is no clear advantage and nothing extraordinary when comparing to the similar over-the-counter products.

B. Amway offers wellness products, which are mainly nutritional supplements and multivitamins. All of them could be easily obtained through the pharmacies with no prescription required and at a fraction of cost. People more or less educated in medicine would never use this type of products. There is no innovation, as these vitamins have been discovered for almost a century ago, yet these supplements are potentially beneficial for all people, starting from little children end ending up with grown adults and elders. The brand is quite well known, and yet it does not seem to gain a lot of recognition in Philippines.

C. Nu Skin is all about skin-care products, while also providing nutritional supplements. All the products could be bought over the counter in malls and pharmacies, yet the price is overall cheaper than these of the Amway. The products are not unique and mainly targeted for women. The company is well known, but not in a good sense, as it received just too much complaints from all over the Philippine market. Just try to google “nuskin philippines” and see that about the half of results are talking trash, in a harsh language too. All companies have a number of bad reviews, but few could compare with Nu Skin on that part.

D. Forever Living is another old company that offers a great variety of wellness products, ranging from personal care and skin products to nutritional drinks, supplements and weight loss solutions. In terms of components, they utilize some of natural ingredients that are not commonly found in the Philippine market, such as aloe-vera, bee products and others. The products are fairly unique, and yet most of their natural components have been already utilized for centuries, so it’s hard to talk of any innovation. It also lack on promotion in our country, and although there have been many satisfied customers, right now it’s just slowly becoming a part of the history.

E. Herbalife is a wellness company that offers fitness, nutrition and personal care products. As usual, all these products can be bought over the counter, cheaper and probably better. The products are by no way unique, and some of them are just too trivial, for example, they have about a dozen of products that are basically lemon and vitamin C tablets, while the similar tablets could be bought ₱2.00 / peace in the pharmacy. Their personal care products are quite fine (though somewhat expensive), and as per fitness lineage, I would rather choose the body-building supplements, which are cheaper and more effective at the same time. The brand is well known and more or less neutral with the reviews, but with a lot of competition it’s unlikely that someone would stick with this brand.

F. 4 life is a bit different from the above, and provides a range of supplements targeting different conditions. They have supplements for brain support, immune system, cardiovascular, skin and much more – this variety, made ready for important condition is quite impressive. Their products and the ingredients are also unique, and are unlikely to be found in the market. They do have a lot of innovation and target their products rather well. However, the brand is fairly unknown in the Philippines, and there aren’t many reviews, meaning you would need to do a lot of persuasion. Overall the competitiveness is good, and it gives a good potential for this mlm company.

G. Laminine is a stem-cell enhancer supplement, that is capable or repairing the damaged cells, thus being good for almost all people at different ages and different conditions. They have only one product, which is quite unique and innovative, and could not be bought anywhere over the counter. They have a viral promotion and one of the most amazing testimonials on the web. Regarding the competition, there was another mlm company MannaTech, whose product also enhances stem-cells, but it didn’t gain much recognition. The product is a bit expensive comparing to other wellness solution, though 100 times cheaper than the stem-cell therapy.

H. Aim Global is another wellness company that has been for a while, with rather modest range of products. Their products are semi-unique, except only the fish oil supplement, and are unlikely to meet any analogues with similar ingredients over the counter, in addition offering a fair price among the competitors.  However, as their supplements are mostly all-purpose and lack an extraordinariness, they would be facing a lot of competition from other wellness companies.  The brand is moderately innovative and targets a great deal of the market, and generally receives good reviews.

I. DXN has been for a while in the Philippine market, providing natural supplement extracts as well as personal care products. The problem with all these extract supplements, is that there is too much competition. Only for spirulina, there are dozens of brands available in the Philippines both through mlm and over-the-counter, and despite the good reviews, or even the best acclaimed quality, people just keep going to competitors. The reviews are somewhat good, but it’s just not enough to win the competition. Though popular in the beginning, overall it has become fairly old, and the promotion has stopped long time ago.

J. Reliv provides a nutritional supplements for weight loss and general use, combined with multivitamins. Their supplements are packed in cans, and provide more net content than of the competitors. They are somewhat innovative, however their products aren’t well targeted, and would be useful only to some percent of  the consumers. They hardly offer anything beyond than the typical nutritional supplements do, which could be bought over the counter. As usual with international companies, they received too little promotion in the Philippines, and have not collected any stunning reviews that would attract the consumers.

4. Marketing Plan


We have discussed the demand, which basically concerns the consumers, and now we shall discuss the compensation or marketing plan, that concerns the distributors who are looking to gain by selling products. It is typical for the mlm model, that most of the promotion is done by the distributors, which in the end may shape  the consumers’ demand (though in order to gain success it may need some nice push from the company at the start). Good marketing plan is what keep you satisfied with the company – and it is what helps to bring new recruits and make leads, hence everything is literally glued on the marketing plan.

As such, being the most important piece of the presentation, it is also often being the most obscure part of the business. However kind  a particular company wouldn’t be, they simply cannot make rich every distributor who joins them, so they have to favor ones and disfavor the other ones. At the same time they want to make an illusion that their plan is the best. While some companies certainly have have the advantages, every marketing plan essentially has to determine the amount of risk and the effort you are to take. It is therefore, there is no cookie-cutter plan that would benefit everyone. Now let’s examine some of the variations:


Some marketing plans have pairing system, meaning that for every downline on the left side, you would need to have another downline on the right in order to gain the bonus. This potentially increases the risk two-folds, as it commonly happens, you could have 95 people on your right, only only 5 people on your left, thus gaining only as little as 5 pairing bonuses. At the same time, if you are lucky to get 50 people on your right, and 50 people on your left, you would gain 10 times as much. If you like the risk, you would enjoy doing pairings and balancing your legs, otherwise, non-pairing system could be less risky but also a little bit less profitable.

Flashouts imply that you would not only need to balance your legs sales volumes over time, but for each calendar month as well, and if you fail to balance it, you would gain nothing on that. This is definitely even more risky than the simple pairing system, however if you have thousands of balanced people, you could make an impressive gain at times, comparable to winning a jackpot. I would not recommend to rely on this type of gain, and make sure there are other viable means you could gain.


The best mlm plan would need to have a long-term consideration, that after bringing let’s say a dozen of people, you would continue to receive the gain, even though you stop the recruiting – and this is the whole idea of mlm. Some companies are prickly about it, and are trying to limit the amount you would keep receiving. If the plan is about the pairings, check the number of generations you would receive the pairing bonus for. If it says you receive the bonus for 5 generations, that allows for 2^5=32 persons, or 16 pairings, after which you would need to open another account. This is what I experienced with one of the companies last year. I have brought about a dozen of people into the network, and received some pairing bonuses, but within one year my gain did not improve, and is still only about 300-500 peso, while having the maintenance at around 4000 peso. Basically such a combination of a bad company with a bad marketing plan happens quite often, and it is for this reason a lot of networkers keep wandering and enter a lot of different companies.

On the other hand, the more generations are provided for the commissions, the more money you would receive over time as the new people are entering.


Finally, when examining the marketing plans, you should pay a lot of attention on the entry and maintenance fees. As a general rule, I would say that the entry cost for wellness mlm distributors of around 5000-6000 peso converts very well. When the entrance is higher, the people are very hesitant to join, as the people are interesting in gaining, not spending, and see for the lower entries. Once in another wellness company they have increased the entry fee from 6000 to 9000 peso, and suddenly no one wanted to join anymore, until they finally rolled it back. Anything lower than 3000 usually suggests of an ephemeral company, while even if it’s not, the distributors may not take it serious, and could leave as easily as they joined, as nothing is holding them.

The maintenance fee is somewhat straight-forward, and require a little explanation. All you need is to know the amount of points to maintain, and convert them to the cost of the products. Weigh carefully, whether you are able to sell an amount of goods monthly, or whether you would have to stock them. A big maintenance amount could make your business risky and unprofitable. On the other if the amount of maintenance is too low, the money could be distributing among the inactive members while disfavoring these work harder.


Marketing plans always looks good on the presentations, but not on the paper when it comes to the details. Keep in mind that this is just a part of equation, and no matter how good the marketing plan is, you should be ready to do some work.

So what is the best networking company?

Laminine has been promoted since the day one in our country, and this is one of the reasons why it has got at the top. The most importantly though, is that it already helped thousands of people, and they kept sharing…  «The Best Food Supplement 2013»  Laminine

The daughter company of the US has exclusive rights to distribute Laminine in Philippines – it’s been very serious about promotion and brand awareness, they release the news papers, publish their testimonials and even run TV-show called “be alive”, which discusses the Laminine. Just for a note, it was shown on GMA 11 News channel before, recently it has moved to PTV channel 4,

Only one product, study it once, and that’s all you need.

Another advantage of this network, is that you will only have to sell one product. Forget about headache with catalogues, that change prices and products you need to restock. While having the same sales volume, you’ll find it much easier to concentrate on just one product. Moreover, the Philippine branch goes beyond the onsite and book explanations, but also conduct seminars daily, that teach you how to sell, recruit people, and how to use the product.

What is Laminine?

In short, it is the unique, patented formula of Lifepharm Global, that uses three complementing ingredients to supply, repair and enhance the cells of the body as well as brain functioning. PESE is the main ingredient, isolated from avian eggs embryo. PESE contains FGF and is also the most potent combination of amino-acids. The other ingredients are the purified shark cartilage and yellow pea protein extracts.

The product does work, and it’s proven by clinical trials.

The most important thing is that it does work. Unlike many other MLM products, laminine had 10 successful
clinical trials, and numerous in-vivo and in-vitro studies. That’s why people keep seeking the product and sharing gracious testimonies here and there. The doctors, who understand the given scientific explanations are even more anxious to try it. And on top of that, the company is so assured of the product, that it offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if the product didn’t improve your condition.

The entry is simple, it requires to purchase 3 boxes, already at discounted price. Then you can sell it higher at retail, just as we do. For every person you recruit, and their descendants, you get commissions. For every sale you also get commissions, up to 12  levels. There is almost no limit, as long as the network keeps expanding.


For these who want to invest and buy the laminine products in bulk: you could make some very nice profit, especially by selling in the province areas! It’s around 1000+ pesos retail income for every box sold. We can offer the products cheap wholesale price (for these who are interested). The product is very sell-able up to day, as it keeps not only being shared by its users but also advertised on the TV and radio programs…


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So, what do you think ?


  1. Louren |

    Sad thing is that no matter how good the company is, if network marketers have no proper mindset, no proper training in objection handling, selling, closing, and etc. they will likely to fail.

  2. Jema Morey |

    Hi a very helpful and informative back ground of mlm here in the Philippines, thank you.
    I have joined this new compny and it will be launching this month so hopefuly and in God’s will 2years from now we will be in top of your list.
    And I am just glad that I belonged one of to the so caled “Pioneer”.

  3. Jane |

    Hello, thanks for all the explanations. I am looking for a good company with very good products and compensation plan to Introduce to my people in Africa, pls. If you know anyone contact me. Let discuss. Jane.

    • Niel Viray |

      Jane I know one! If you know Kamiseta? the clothing line brand for women? that’s it! “Vantage International” has the perfect fit from what I have read above. we just had our grand launching and first year anniversary last Saturday.. We are expanding outside Phil. If you’re interested to start Vantage in Africa. contact me through my facebook. “”

    • catherine |

      Hi i am looking for a business partner. Hi I’m cathy! i am looking for MLM Leaders who wants to join in our NEW UPRISING COMPANY, with the best innovative doable marketing plan today. Fastest income and made easy with ONE ACCOUNT POLICY and UPGRADABLE ACCOUNTS. A pro- distributor company that will help as achieve our dreams in life. Msg me for more info 09175018996.

  4. Ara Lang |

    has anyone heard of VIP exclusive club? they offer a unique marketing strategy.

    • admin |

      Obviously, you’ll get it cheaper and then resell as you wish. It’s a good opportunity because the product is well-known and effective. There are no requirements, just buy your package and get started. The more you commit, the better are the terms.

  5. Bobby Miller |

    I like your analysis of network marketing companies and how you educate consumers should look for. However, I was a bit disappointed that I did not see anything on four corners alliance group. I think you will find their approach unique and is designed to allow the average consumer to start a business for under $20, which is a one-time cost, with no further out of pocket cost. Go to my website to see the compensation explained. They focus on providing consumers with Financial, Real Estate and Investment educational products. All products a e-products. This is powerful because their is no need to have products shipped and your product delivery is immediate.

    I hope you post my comments and reach out to me if you are in need of further clarity. Alternatively, you can go to leverage18forsuccess dot com or go to the corporate website.

  6. admin |

    I’ve been there on Kyani grand launch, and the company looks great indeed. As usual I decided to join it and give it a try. Let us see.. maybe I will update this thread later, when I have enough experience and information to leave a review about Kyani. Thanks everyone for discussion btw!

  7. Alan |

    Agree with u. For a fact, most of the Laminine leaders are already in Kyani..I still like the product though. God bless -ALAN

  8. zhel |

    My mom’s been taking laminine since last october. She buys regularly. I just thought if i can join by just buying the product regularly? I dont know if i can recruit people regularly.

    • admin |

      Well of course, you could join and then also get these 10 box packages for the best price. It’s not necessarily to recruit to get the discount, it is just that by recruiting you could actually earn the additional commissions paid by the company.

  9. John Ryan |

    This is a really good way of promoting your product and increasing awareness. I’m also into doing blogs on how to earn big in mlm. Godbless to those looking to join the MLM industry.

  10. Larry |

    Are you or anyone else interested in being the first, the top, of a direct marketing company that will launch in the Philippines in the next few months? I work for Seacret (Dead Sea Minerals Skincare Company) in Korea. However, it’s an American company and I too am American. I am trying to build a Philippino network before it officially launches, which is what happened here in Korea. Once the market opened in Korea, some people already had hundreds of people working for them. If you are interested you can visit my website or contact me at moc.l1574072236iamg@1574072236uoyte1574072236rcaes1574072236 Teams from other MLM companies welcomed.

  11. Doodads |

    Hello, i am from Palawan. I am very interested on the product and doing business w/ you as well.

  12. Scott |

    99% of net-worker’s are out there selling, telling and trying to convince people why their products and services are so much better than the next. (It’s all just noise really) While the top money makers in this profession are interviewing people worthy of their time! Money will always follow value.

  13. Paolo |

    the best multilevel marketing in the philippines is Classique Herbs Corporation :)

  14. Honey Arroyo |

    Since I started to be distributor or Laminine in Bicol, there has been a tremendous inquiry of the product, with so many various people with different illness who wants to get well or really burdened of frustration of their suffering. They are really optimistic when they used Laminine for themselves. They too have feel the fast results! Truly Laminine delivers! I am overwhelmed with the influx, its not hard to offer because people with illness are the ones coming to us.

    Its good to feel that you can help people who is suffering, we are not after earnings but the gratification of helping those hospitalized, those disabled and those who suffer financial due to too much doctors expenses.. without any result.. they trust Laminine now.

    For Bicolanos, they are happy Laminine arrive, thats why they are thankful we have consistent supply of Laminine in Naga, Iriga City. If you really wanted results fast for your sickness. Laminine is the One!

  15. antoni 094747580 |

    mas maganda po ang juennesse, 3yrs pa lang sa sa mlm industry nag top 3 na agad sa mlm na sa buong mundo. 85 counrties na agad wala po mintenance..power!..interested po pls txt me 09474758080….

  16. Miguel Mariano |

    Do you know from whom I can get Laminine in Mexico or San Fernando, Pampanga?

  17. Nordie S., Rosal |

    Im so eagerly interested on this product, and if God permits, am willing to invest. How can I?? Thanks and more power. I’m from Ormoc City, Leyte.

  18. Anne |

    What about aloe vera? I don’t think it will ever go out of trend. It’s popular for centuries and until now. Compare your google trends terms with aloe vera and you’ll see. :) There’s almost no need to promote it as people continue to search for aloe vera products. :)

  19. Jiu |

    I’m not convinced…. I think we should read reviews from a third party not from a Distributors themselves

    • admin |

      Good point, though the third parties are usually not interested in making reviews, and there is no way to make an accurate review without having a personal experience. If you are still not convinced, you may want to attend our office in person and see how many people are ordering it – you’ll be impressed. But as I said, in the end it is up to you to make a decision and choose what suits you best.

      • karren |

        hi admin! what about the idea of one of the tops of laminine is one of the pioneers of the fast growing KYANI club and their compensation plan and product is exceptionally i think best.

  20. Leo |

    How about AIM Global? I’ve heard in 7 years they’ve created more than 700 millionaires.

    • admin |

      Yes, but that’s an old mlm company, so no wonders. Actually many distributors of Aim Global are joining Laminine now and find it as more effective. Well of course you could still make money with any company, if you know how to sell. :)

    • Rico Aguinaldo |

      AIM Global is already 8 years, we will be celebrating our 9th year on May 31,2015 to be held in Philippine Arena in Bulacan at the same time we will break the Guiness Record of Biggest Marketing Company gathering. So far the company has created 1,400 Millionaires and still growing.

    • admin |

      Yes, you could also be our official contact in your place, if you purchase a total of 4 family packs. If you purchase family packs you’ll also have free delivery on them.

  21. alona gallego |

    Have u heard about my jinga juice inc?their products covers a wide range of target market..I am interested in this any advice?

  22. fcovoedhck |

    I am not certain if this is the right spot to post this, however I have a heartfelt question.

    I am trying to look somewhat slimmer for school, but even though I’ve been dieting I haven’t lost very much weight. Has anybody tried any diet pills that work quickly and efficiently?.

    • admin |

      To become slimmer, you should do cardio. Here is a good website for the exercises: – Also you could take additional supplements, such as acetyl l-carnitine to boost your energy and help to burn fat more efficiently. You should significantly lower the consumption of fats and carbohydrates, then keep taking a lot of protein, so that your muscle would not degrade during the workout. I would suggest eating chicken breasts and fish, also take whey protein regularly.

    • lilian sinoy |

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  23. haidee |

    hi! i am interested. whom will i contact here at northen luzon?
    i’m from la union :)

  24. Eric lluvido |

    Where in Davao city we can find laminine and how much money should I invest ? Thank you

  25. william |

    Membership package is 3 laminine boxes. What happens if I cannot buy 1 box per month for maintenance.

    • admin |

      In that case you won’t be receiving the bonus commissions until you start to maintain. I will give you the advice for the starters. Basically it’s ok if you cannot maintain in the beginning, but when you invite some more members, you will start receiving the weekly commissions from their sales as long as they keep purchasing and recruiting in turn, for many many generations below. Now as you hit the threshold of $43 per month, or $11 per week (which is very easy), you will no longer need to buy anything, as you could just take your 1 box every month for free (that is using your e-wallet) and in that way automatically maintain for the next month. Then, any excess of the above amount you would be able to withdraw in cash or in products, whichever you wish.

      • GIGI |

        What if we want to be investing for our area, how much would i start to invest and what are the frienge benefits and the most important to know is how much would i gain for the start-up and how long will the ROI be?. . .want to avail as distributor for the area. . . . .

  26. Francis |

    have you heard of Royale Business Club? they re on their 7th year & they re expanding to another countries such as dubai,singapore.taiwan and planning to Royalize the world as they say.

  27. Leo Encarnacion |

    very much interested about Laminine, might be intersted to how much or just membership and product purchase?

    • admin |

      The membership package includes 3 (three) laminine boxes, at discounted price.

  28. nicca |

    is frontrow a good mlm inc? im nervous of investing
    it might not be true.

    • admin |

      Frontrow is an old company, however it’s been relatively new in the Philippines (since 2009) and somewhat popular. Their supplements seem to be known and working solutions, however they are not unique, and are somewhat overpriced. Just search on for “glutathione”, “l-carnitine”, “sodium ascorbate” and see the same products much cheaper. All in all, It could work for you if you are lucky, but due to competition it might not be the best choice, to be honest…

      • Cha |

        The products are worthy of its prices because it can compete with other branded products, plus, it’s effective.

  29. lyn |

    btw JINGA JUICE got award for best new health business opportunity at 33rd annual people’s choice award last feb 2013 :)

    • admin |

      Thanks, yeah it looks like a good start up, and wheatgrass is a well-known supplement. The problem though, with these greens and natural supplements in general is the competition. Except the Wheatgrass, there is also Barley grass, Spirulina and even Chlorella that all work quite similar and being very popular these days… Now, multiply this variety to the number of different producers in the market and you might get an idea of some nuances you may have to experience while trying to promote it. ;)

  30. jun |

    Are you not bias with your findings re: best mlm in the Phil.? since you are a distibutor of laminine.

    • admin |

      Good question! Well it really seems that among the top players in the market laminine is the most perspective, and that’s quite the reason why I chose to promote it. If it wasn’t for real – it just wouldn’t work as the people are smart enough to verify the information they’re reading. What’s really great about laminine is that it has all these key elements for success (which others could be missing): it’s popular and it’s fresh, the marketing is fine, the product has the uniqueness and it’s working. As a result, I’m quite convenient with them; it’s been easy to promote and it brings me gain, so it’s not just the paper theories. :)

      • jack |

        How did you came up with the graph? I think it would be better to put the number of successful distributor / millionaire being produced by each company per year.

        • admin |

          The graphs represent trends, as according to search volume in Google. Basically if you see the increase, this means an increased interest, and in other words can determine a successful campaign. Number of millionaires per year is also a good factor, though not as easily verifiable. As of 2012, I heard there were 49 millionaires with Laminine, but not sure about the other companies.

          • heartbuff |

            If it’s the best why it has only produced 49 millionaires when in fact Aim global has produced almost 700.

          • admin |

            Yes 49 as of January 2013, and it’s a great number for the first year of activity, as of course there is a certain curve for becoming a millionaire over time; right now it should probably reach hundreds, but we shall see the numbers in Jan 2014 accordingly.