Brusas.Net – Laminine #1 Distributor

Lifepharm Global offers an exclusive program for their distributors – unlike many local, short-living MLM companies, it is based in United States, and is built on a solid ground of invention of this sensational product – laminine, which has been affirmed by clinical trials.

Business opportunity of Lifepharm Global was designed to favor distributors like you, beyond their expectations. You will enjoy your gain, as we do your promotion! And here are some advantages if you join through Brusas.Net:

Exclusive Promos, only on Brusas.Net!

— Buy the Edge Plus, first for your city. Learn more!Promo1: Get contact listing! 

— Rent to own only 16,000 / year. Learn more!Promo2: Get Custom-built Website! 

Daily seminars and distributor support
  • Every day, morning and evening, we hold seminars in Ortigas (Manila) led by our doctors. They answer your questions, explaining thoroughly and concisely what the product is, how it works, and how to use it. You will also learn the mechanics of our distributive program in depth, and will be trained how to sell laminine properly. We also have books and presentations.
  • As the laminine network is growing rapidly right now, you are very likely to be automatically assigned with new members, receiving commissions from their sales as you make enough contribution. It is not like some other networks where you have to do all the job on your own, and we do also help to our down-lines.

Effectiveness and recognition of the product

  • The best thing and asset that we have is the effectiveness of our product. Many people decide to join the network after experiencing the positive effects on their health from taking laminine. It is what people are demanding to buy, and does not require much of promotion. For instance, there are already hundreds of testimonials online.
  • As most of our customers are satisfied with the product, they do usually recommend it to their friends and colleagues,  and keep the laminine network expanding. Moreover with help of Forever Rich Philippines and their promotion in media, the brand awareness keeps on growing, so more and more people are eventually seeking to buy it.

Market plan simplicity. No flash outs. No pairings.

  • Laminine marketing plan is simple and easy to adopt. To become a distributor all you need is to purchase 3 boxes of laminine and sign up your application. The only condition would be to maintain your account, by purchasing 1 box per month.
  • The more people you bring, the more benefits and commissions you will receive, even without having to do anything. There is no limit, the marketing plan is infinity deep and infinity wide. Please see the marketing plan explained at links below.

Price List:

Package #boxes Credit Card Bank/Cash Extra
Activation 3 $144 6,960 -
LBC Delivery Free! Free! Delivery &
meet ups
Note: All prices given are VAT inclusive. No additional/ hidden charges!

Important Resources:

Option 1. Pay with credit card

  • Accepting all major Credit, Debit & Cash Cards with Visa/ Amex/ MC logo on it.
  • The delivery will be done through LBC Express, within 1-2 business days.
  • For international orders please inquire for available shipping options.

Option 2. Cash / Office

  • Please call: 0947-327-1888 Sergey
  • Our consultant will guide you through the office and help with your application as you arrive.
  • Note: Make sure to always schedule first before coming to office!

Option 3. Bank Deposit / Remittance

Beneficiary Bank: UnionBank
Account Name: Sergey Bayukanskiy
Account #: 109452260279
  • Please notify us once the appropriate deposit is made.
  • We will collect your credentials and fill up an application for you.
  • Then we will ship your items and send your online account credentials.
Also accepting:
(Please ask for details)

— Don’t be the tail, join early

Call 0947-327-1888 Sergey