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Welcome to Laminine Philippines' distributor, IBO of Lifepharm Global.

What is Laminine? Laminine sources the essential extracts of amino-acids and nutrientes from plant, marine and land, while helping the body to absorb it and repair itself. ...learn more

Breakthrough Discovery Canadian doctor discovered a life-giving essence - extract obtained from a fertilized avian egg on the ninth day, when its components are the most potent. ...learn more

Benefits of Laminine Laminine helps to repair the damaged cells and imrpoves all associated diseases, also sleep and depression. It elevates the mood and body energy levels. ...learn more

Why Choose MLM? Network marketing allows to maximize the reach for the people, while sharing powerful testimonies. It motivates people and provides an opportunity

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Effective Training The company holds daily seminars in Manila, inviting the doctors and successful marketeers to answer your questions and teach about Laminine

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Why should you try laminine?

There are many food supplements in the market today, especially here in Philippines, and it may be confusing as most of the companies claim to have the best product, best quality and the best compensation plan for their distributors. Well, the laminine is quite different from the others, as it's based on innovation and has no analogues in the market. Unlike other supplements, laminine has been affirmed by 11 clinical studies, and has collected thousands of incredible testimonies. It has entered in the Philippines just recently in 2012, and within one year it has made an explosion in the market, surpassing 95% of other supplement producers in popularity. The reason to it is that it simply works and improves most of the known bodily condition, so the people keep sharing about it.

the laminine stemcells

How does it work?

Without going deep into the details of its nutritional aspects, we could simply say that it enhances the body's stem-cells, which are delivered where the body needs them most. This significantly improves the natural healing process, while the effect can be compared to stem-cell therapy; with the exception that stem-cell therapy costs hundreds of thousands pesos and requires painful injections and transplantations. The stem-cells have been one of the most effective ways in cancer treatment when nothing else works, and laminine helps to enhance the stem-cells while also providing the essential nutrients to restore the damaged cells. It is for this reason it has been helping the numerous cancer patients, greatly improving their life condition even though their disease is incurable.

How to earn with laminine?

Did you know that laminine has been distributing through the multi-level networking system to maximize the sales and share the powerful testimonies? If it works for you, you could start earning money by sharing it. This doesn’t only mean sales in a traditional way, that if you’d stop selling it, you wouldn’t have any gain. This is not how it works, as the sales are only a part of equation. To gain in the long term you should invite and recruit other distributors into the network. Whether they are your friends or colleagues for Laminine in the Philippines, or your relatives in abroad - it doesn’t matter, but once you just get enough people to support the network you would keep on gaining without the need to recruit anymore. By recruiting 10 people you would gain full privilege, and if your recruits contribute to it as well, you would make enough gain to support your living!